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Ah yes, the gurge. A classic Australian punk band, some would say the last true ‘aussie punk’ band. In an era of the Beastie Boys and Oasis, Regurgitator’s 1997 album Unit prided itself on being radically different. This album was explosive in the Australian music scene, it took the best bits of the 80’s synth […]

Prince-Welcome 2 Australia Tour @ Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

I write this today having had the privilege of seeing arguably the greatest performer of our time play two sold-out shows on consecutive nights at Rod Laver Arena, as part of his Australian tour. Let me say now that I have seen a lot of bands in my life. I’ve seen Muse tear up arenas […]

Groovin’ the Moo 2012

Groovin’ the Moo’s legacy of terrible weather appeared to be continuing from the outset of its first leg in Bendigo. Grey skies loomed over the 15,000 – capacity – crowd at the Prince of Wales show grounds where the audience were ready for a day filled to the brim with quality national and international bands […]

Azealia Banks-1991

Name check, tick… Anyone who even pretends to know anything about the current hip-hop scene will have had their eyes on this EP for some time now. Azealia Banks is to the hip-hop world, what ‘Lana Del Rey’ is to the pop world; the ‘name check’ of the moment. Having topped NME’s ‘Cool List’ and […]