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My Top 50 Albums of 2012

  To say that 2013 was a great year for music is an understatement. It was  a phenomenal year. I won’t dilly dally too much but it was a year of change, landmark releases from new artists and artists who’ve cemented themselves into the musical vista have given us new records. Without further adieu, here […]

The Presets – Pacifica

After a hiatus that had me worried that these guys would be the new Avalanches, the Presets have returned with their third full length LP, Pacifica, an album that unites all the things we previously loved about these Aussie stalwarts of dance music while at the same time entering a new sonic dimension. The boys […]

Darwin Deez Confirms 2013 Australian Tour

We have one very excited Fletch right now. Maybe it’s the whiskey I’ve just downed, but when I found out that Darwin Deez confirmed an Australian tour I flipped my shit. Here’s the announcement he posted on his Facebook page. Peoples, peoples, peoples, We’re back. Fuckin FINALLY, right?! Yes, the new album is almost done. […]

Mumford and Sons-Babel

I think I was the only person who was a little underwhelmed when Mumford and Sons released their acclaimed debut Sigh No More. Yeah, okay, it was very pretty, and chock full of harmonies that would make Fleet Foxes cry. There were wonderful moments like “The Cave” and of course the track that made its […]

The XX-Coexist

Alright, I’ll let the cat out of the bag. I’ve had this one under wraps for a while but it’s time people knew what to expect from what could easily be the album of the year. The XX are back in a very minimalistic but big way. After their self-titled debut was received beyond enthusiastically […]

Who Else Should Do A Retrospective Tour?

If you missed it, The Living End announced a very special tour. They’re playing all six of their albums over seven nights, playing their debut twice, in full. Furthermore, Regurgitator are taking a trip back to their early days, performing their first two albums in full on one night in most major cities. This encouraged […]

The Classic Rock Bands of Tomorrow

When we think of the genre ‘classic rock’ we tend to be brought back to bands that our dads listened to. Led Zeppelin, Neil Young’s Crazy Horse and Guns N Roses are all mainstays of this genre led, arguably, by The Rolling Stones. These bands, however, are all gone or on the way out. This […]