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My Top 50 Albums of 2012

  To say that 2013 was a great year for music is an understatement. It was  a phenomenal year. I won’t dilly dally too much but it was a year of change, landmark releases from new artists and artists who’ve cemented themselves into the musical vista have given us new records. Without further adieu, here […]

Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles III

If the first Crystal Castles record epitomized anxiety, then the second record was an insight into paranoia. The third Crystal Castles record is definitely about stress and loneliness as a disturbing air of unsettlement lingers from track to track. Crystal Castles, as a band, are a group associated with frantic and glitchy electronic dance music […]

Beach House – Bloom

Build yourself a myth… This is a long overdue review of one of my favourite albums released this year. Beach House came out with the eagerly anticipated follow up to their third record Teen Dream earlier this year. Bloom is just as its title alludes; a band blossoming and growing into themselves. Dream pop at […]

Muse-The 2nd Law

I struggled to write the first sentence of this review for about fifteen minutes. Normally when writing a review, you have a couple of options with your opening line. It can give backing information on the album or band, perhaps it gives away the general theme of the record or even what you think of […]

Death Grips-The Money Store

When Death Grips’ dropped their debut LP, The Money Store, earlier this year, it was instantly met with wide spread acclaim from the musical spheres. Cries for “Album of the Year” and “most important hip hop album ever” were thrown around, giving it exactly one whole buttload of hype. That’s a lot of hype. It’s […]

Tame Impala – Lonerism

I write this review, for Tame Impala’s sophomore effort Lonerism, immediately after having reviewed both Grizzly Bear’s Shields, followed by the Killers’ Battle Born, albums on opposite ends of the spectrum. One, filled with beauty, the other with…well. I go into Tame Impala’s new record positively moist with anticipation. Innerspeaker was a triumph for Australian […]

Grizzly Bear – Shields

Harvest headliners Grizzly Bear are back with their fourth release and Shields is their most adventurous effort yet.  Whilst full of big band, baroque sounds, everything you loved about Grizzly Bear is preserved on this, their most powerful, moving record yet. Debut single, from the album, “Sleeping Ute” brings us back into territory explored on […]