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25 Years of the Smashing Pumpkins

25 years ago today, Billy Corgan, frontman of iconic alternative rock band Smashing Pumpkins, first stepped on stage with his band and started an illustrious career of amazing, genre defining records…That and being notoriously one of the most tumultuous bands ever. The modern day Smashing Pumpkins is very different to those first few records we […]

Interview: House Vs Hurricane

Taking place in early July 2012, the FReeZA summits (new window) are an opportunity to get insider knowledge about putting on gigs from people who’ve been there and done that before. Among the people imparting their expertise at these events will be House Vs Hurricane. I spoke with lead guitarist Chris Shaw about what FReeZA […]

Your Weekend Playlist ‘Rainy Day Edition’ -29/6/12

Those of you reading from outside Victoria wouldn’t really be aware but Melbourne has had some bloody cold weather in the last couple of weeks. Apparently this thing called Winter has kicked in. Irrespective it’s cold outside and the right playlist can make you feel that much warmer. If it’s raining out, crank this and […]

The Tallest Man on Earth-There’s No Leaving Now

It’s hard when listening to The Tallest Man on Earth, not to be transported back to the acoustic days of songsmiths like Bob Dylan. His lyricism and vocal drone is hard to separate from the man often touted as the greatest lyricist ever. After his 2010 breakout The Wild Hunt Kristian Matsson, AKA The Tallest […]