Muse Confirm Australian Tour 2013

Okay, so I thought I was excited yesterday when I found out that Darwin Deez has booked in a tour for next year. But even better is the notion that I may see my favourite band ever, in the next 12 months. Brace yourselves.

Muse are coming back.

This is in direct contradictions of the reports that the band wouldn’t tour until 2014, information that was leaked in an interview with the band earlier this year. This news spread like wild fire all over Twitter.

Until this morning.

In an interview with a New Zealand paper, the band let slip that they’ll be here as soon as their next. Summer is over.

Furthermore, the original tweet that started off the 2014 news has now been deleted.

The band haven’t been out here since 2010 when they toured twice in a year, playing the Big Day Out and a string of shows at the end of the year.

The December shows had the boys playing in an apocalyptic setting, atop three thunderous towers. It was a spectacle.

With The 2nd Law dropping officially in a mere matter of weeks, prepare to see this blog get very musey.

As a little treat, I’ll give you my favorite performance of one of my favorite Muse songs. This one’s a classic.

image via

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