The Best Beatles Covers to Ever Have Been Covered

The Beatles are somewhat of taboo in the music industry. Whilst it’s perfectly okay not to enjoy their music, it’s completely not okay to discount their influence and importance.

And honestly how could you?

The band rose to immeasurable fame in the space of less than a decade and we haven’t seen such super stardom since.

So, in a day where the closest we’ll see to the Beatles live is when Paul McCartney is wheeled on stage, which bands have done this group justice.

The Pixies-Wild Honey Pie

I love this cover. The Pixies rule, the Beatles rule so when the Pixies play the Beatles it just rules in general. The screaming harmonies that the Pixies make is wonderful in every way.

Siouxsie and the Banshees-Helter Skelter

The offsiders of one of my favorite bands, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees turned the Beatles most rocking moment and made it creepy and great. The track comes in at about 20 seconds, it’s not what you’re expecting though, so bare with it. Beatles fans who don’t like to see TOO much interpretation on the classics, won’t like this.

Prince-Come Together

Prince is one of my faves, and him playing one of my fave Beatles tracks makes for a fave track. You can only find live bootlegs of his performance of it. This track takes the slow groove, throws it out the window and gets everybody up and dancing. I reckon this might even trump the original.

Aimee Mann and Michael Penn-Two of Us

This married couple get this track so, so right. Aimee captures melancholy so well, however, this loving track isn’t given the normal Mann treatment. Instead it’s filled to the brim with joy and love.

Elliot Smith-Because

This guy goes down in folk lore, as one of the greatest talents of the last twenty or thirty years. His rendition of “Because” is glorious and shows why he’s so loved amongst the music community.

Miles Kane-Hey Bulldog

This cover is so rad in every way. Miles does perform a great rendition of this song, amping up the rock factor and making a band that could be criticized for lacking balls, ballsy.

Kasabian-I’m So Tired

Kasabian’s signature droning voice gives a deserty feel to this acoustic cover of an under appreciated Beatles classic.

David Bowie-Across the Universe

I reckon this cover is another one that trumps the original. Boom. I said it. David Bowie has this charismatic charm about him that makes this delicate track even more truthful and raw. John Lennon himself provides backing vocals and plays lead guitar on Bowie’s version of the track, that is probably the best endorsement you could get with any cover.

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