Monthly Archives: September 2012

Why I No Longer Despise Programmes Like “The X Factor”

Last night, for some reason which is still unbeknownst to me, I tuned in to Channel 7s’ hit reality television series, The X Factor. I repeat, I still, as I write this, have no idea what came over me. But whatever it was, I’m kind of glad it did. No, I’m exceptionally glad that I […]

Laneway 2013 Lineup Revealed

Well I think I may have predicted more than five of the bands on this killer lineup. Once again the guys from Laneway are bringing a fantastic array of underground and independent artists to our shores for a national tour. Are there any surprises? Sure. I never picked Real Estate to back so soon after […]

Muse-The 2nd Law

I struggled to write the first sentence of this review for about fifteen minutes. Normally when writing a review, you have a couple of options with your opening line. It can give backing information on the album or band, perhaps it gives away the general theme of the record or even what you think of […]

Band of Horse-Mirage Rock

Maybe if I get close enough it’ll disappear, and the real album will come to form… Mirage Rock is an apt title for this, the fourth release from southern rock group, Band of Horses. The entire album is supporting the illusion of rock music that contemporary music is supporting. With every album that Band of […]

Muse Confirm Australian Tour 2013

Okay, so I thought I was excited yesterday when I found out that Darwin Deez has booked in a tour for next year. But even better is the notion that I may see my favourite band ever, in the next 12 months. Brace yourselves. Muse are coming back. This is in direct contradictions of the […]

Death Grips-The Money Store

When Death Grips’ dropped their debut LP, The Money Store, earlier this year, it was instantly met with wide spread acclaim from the musical spheres. Cries for “Album of the Year” and “most important hip hop album ever” were thrown around, giving it exactly one whole buttload of hype. That’s a lot of hype. It’s […]

Darwin Deez Confirms 2013 Australian Tour

We have one very excited Fletch right now. Maybe it’s the whiskey I’ve just downed, but when I found out that Darwin Deez confirmed an Australian tour I flipped my shit. Here’s the announcement he posted on his Facebook page. Peoples, peoples, peoples, We’re back. Fuckin FINALLY, right?! Yes, the new album is almost done. […]

Mumford and Sons-Babel

I think I was the only person who was a little underwhelmed when Mumford and Sons released their acclaimed debut Sigh No More. Yeah, okay, it was very pretty, and chock full of harmonies that would make Fleet Foxes cry. There were wonderful moments like “The Cave” and of course the track that made its […]

Jack White-Blunderbuss

I know this is a little dated but let me explain. I just went through the list of albums that I wanted to review and I’ve missed a whole bunch. In part due to me restarting this blog in June but also due to me being lazy. So I’m gonna get cracking here and start […]

Laneway Festival Lineup Rumors

It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen, where I guess who will be announced to play this year’s Laneway festival. Famous for its ability to get big names just on the cusp of exploding, I’ve racked my brains and found some potential acts for this year’s festival. First of all though… Ruled Out Cat Power […]