Monthly Archives: August 2012

Harvest, The Second Announcement

It’s been delayed and delayed, but here we go. I’m not even gonna dawdle. Here’s the second announcement for Harvest music festival. The boutique brainchild of AJ Maddah. Second Announcement Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s The Silversun Pickups Crazy P Dark Horses River City Extension Los Campesinos Winter People I think I’ve got a little crush on […]

Rufus @ The Northcote Social Club, 17/8/12

Heading along to the Northcote Social Club is always a bit of a trek for me. Not having a car and relying on public transport to get everywhere I need to, there isn’t really a direct line to get out there. It’s a bit of a first-world problem, but I don’t normally hit up the […]

The XX-Coexist

Alright, I’ll let the cat out of the bag. I’ve had this one under wraps for a while but it’s time people knew what to expect from what could easily be the album of the year. The XX are back in a very minimalistic but big way. After their self-titled debut was received beyond enthusiastically […]

Another Falls Music and Arts Festival Linup Update!

Dearest Falls, You’re the flippin best. Sincerely, Fletch This festival is only getting more perfect. Right now, there isn’t a single act on the bill that I don’t want to see and we still have another 50 odd bands to hear about! I feel you should listen to the following track whilst reading this, just […]

The Vaccines-The Vaccines Come Of Age

Relax people, there is plenty of hope here for the Vaccines. Being the band responsible for one of my favorite albums of last year, with What Did You Expect From the Vaccines?, I was set to be disappointed upon the bands’ sophomore release. A lot of my fears were alleviated pretty early though. When “No […]