News:Harvest Festival Second Announcement Pending

AJ Maddah, god of the metal heads, is going to be god of the indies by the time he’s finished with this year’s Harvest festival.

The lineup for this year’s festival is already massive and is only set to get bigger when Maddah drops some more names this week.

Here’s what we’ve got so far!

The Lineup

Sigur Ros
Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane
Grizzly Bear
Ben Folds Five
The Dandy Warhols
The Black Angels
F*** Buttons
The War On Drugs
Dark Dark Dark

The question on everyone’s lips asks “Who else will be joining them?” Well looking at the current list we can certainly make some assumptions

Firstly, we can’t expect much more than one more big name on this list, Beck and Sigur Ros certainly cover that well enough, we’d be very lucky children to get any more. If we were to be offered any other big names we’d be potentially looking at someone like the Silversun Pickups or maybe Wilco.

Secondly we can see that the moment, there are zero Australian acts on the bill. Now I know the psychology behind Harvest is to bring a European festival, to Australian shores, sans the filler acts we’re sick of seeing, but no local acts at all is doubtful. We may see a DZ Deathrays or similar act appear on the list. I’d love to see my favourite band Skipping Girl Vinegar appear there but I’m unsure.

Anywho all will be revealed this week! Get excited kiddies! Have some live videos of Harvest acts! A montage if you will.

E-Pro – Beck

Ben Folds Five – Philosophy

Beirut – Santa Fe

Cake – Sheep Go to Heaven

Dark Dark Dark – Trouble No More

If you would like to buy tickets to this civilised gathering you can do so from the Harvest Official Website for $165. What a bargain!

Harvest Festival 2012 Dates

Melbourne – 11th November
Harvest Presents “The Gathering”, Melbourne, Werribee Park

Sydney – 17th November
Harvest – A Civilised Gathering, Sydney, Parramatta Park

Brisbane – 18th November
Harvest – A Civilised Gathering, Brisbane, Botanical Gardens

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