News: It’s Finally Official Quits for Little Red

Today it was officially announced that after months of band members leaving and supposed ‘recording’ sessions, that Little Red have ceased to be. For reals this time.

Little Red had announced through their Facebook page a few weeks ago that Quang, the bassist, had left the group. He hinted there that the band was finished but today in no uncertain terms, it’s been announced.

Appearing on their Facebook page this afternoon was the following message;
Quang here.
As you may have heard, the LR roost is no longer. I’ve started a new band though, NAKED BODIES. We’re playing 11.30 at the Espy Front Bar.
Hope to see ya there,
Whomever you may be.

I guess that’s it then! How sad. Who knows what will happen with the rest of the bands members, with Quang, Tom and Taka all having side projects to attend to, the other members haven’t yet announced their intentions. What happens with the already recorded material, no one knows. Thanks again, Little Red!

Here’s my favorite track by them, it’s called ‘All Mine’ and appeared off their sophomore, and final, release Midnight Remember.

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  1. Cool. They fucking suck!

  2. Little Red are amazing. I can’t let them go… ❤

  3. Beconator · · Reply

    😦 sadddd

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