Your Big Day Out Pump Up Playlist 18/7/12

So the Big Day Out 2013 lineup has been greeted with rousing applause from most. Fronted by monster headliner the Red Hot Chili Peppers this years Big Day Out will be bulk and mass and everything good.

What’s a good festival without a pump up playlist of some of my favorite artists from the lineup! Here we go!

Monarchy of Roses-Red Hot Chili Peppers

The second single and opening track of I’m With You is a stand out in the Chilly Willies repertoire and the opening for most of their live shows this year. The grunge tones that form its introduction are a Klinghoffer trademark and staple through most of his work. Check it out friends.

Runaways-The Killers

There are so many well known tracks I could have picked by this band, but I think their newest effort is going to be their Magnum Opus. “Runaways” is a powerful track which really shows off Brandon Flowers’ vocal talent, it’s quite reminiscent of his early solo work. Take a squiz.

Zero-Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This band is right at the forefront of New York’s music scene. Synthy-Dance Punk is the best way to describe these folks who have quietly made a name for themselves over the last decade. This is the opening track from the critically acclaimed 2009 release It’s Blitz. I know you’ll be dancing.

The First Song-Band of Horses

I don’t know if I’m being lazy or if I’m just a big fan of opening tracks…but “The First Song”  from Band of Horses’ Everything All the Time  is the perfect introduction to their southern-tinged atmospheric rock. They still play a lot of this record live, if you haven’t heard any of their stuff, it’s a good place to start.

Naked- [ME]

If four Matt Bellamy’s made a band, it would be this one. Muse may have been told they were too much like Radiohead in their early albums, but the resemblance between [ME] and Muse is uncanny. My obvious bias towards Muse aside [ME]’s track “Naked” and all of the material available from their JJJ Unearthed page is worth a listen. “Naked’ stand out to me as a killer piano driven track. The epic harmonies are reminiscent of the new Muse track “Survival” and will certainly get you mighty keen for a Big Day Out.

Darkness- Off!

The latest supergroup to hit the world right in the face is Off! and let me tell you now, they will go Off! at Big Day Out. Their 60 second punk songs slap you across the face with an angry spider monkey who proceeds to maul you with adoration. Anthony Kiedis loves them. I love them. And I’m sure you’ll love them.

For Reverend Green- Animal Collective

These guys are flippin weird, and that’s why they’re great. Definitely not the most accessible band in the world, but let their albums in and they will certainly leave you better for it. I’d recommend starting off with Merriweather Post Pavillion or Strawberry Jam, the pair are two excellent albums in their own right, not just in the scope of their discography.

Crimewave-Crystal Castles

This is Crystal Castle’s third Australian Summer in a row. Are they trying to tell us something? Their first two records wowed the electronic music community with their eclectic nature and conflicting melodies. The despaired moaning and shouting of Alice Glass in tandem with her melancholic lyrics create an air of hopelessness that drags you in and swirls around you. Oftentimes these are juxtaposed with frantic synthesizers and percussion. “Crimewave” is Crystal Castles at one of their most chilled moments, taken from Crystal Castles I.

Red Socks Pugie – Foals

Foals are one of the more eagerly anticipated bands on the festival’s lineup this year, having last come out here for Laneway 2011. The percussive intro bursts and flourishes into a sublime indie-pop soundscape that makes for very pleasant listening. Not to be missed!

Comeback Kid – Sleigh Bells

I’ve rumored these guys for every flippin’ festival this year and FINALLY they’re on the bill. Sleigh Bells are a indie dance punk duo from New York who’ve begun their Reign of Terror with their sophomore release. Take a peek at this track, you won’t be disappointed.

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    great playlist, i dig! buying tix tonight 🙂

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