News:Little Red Call It Quits

Well I thought you wanted to anyway, my dear Little Red.

I wake up in the night, bleary eyed, checking my phone to see what time it is and boom. One of my favorite bands has called it quits. What goes through my mind?


It’s not been said so bluntly but this is the third member of Little Red to announce their leaving of the band to shift their focus onto a side project. Quang Dinh joins Taka Honda and Tom Hartney in the proverbial bucket of side projects and announced his departure, and with it the end of Little Red with this statement:

Ahem…Testing 1…2…3…

To all friends of Little Red,

The fuel tank is empty, the dinosaurs are extinct, the power has been cut, the milk is sour, the toast is burnt, the fire extinguished, the back is broken, the needle worn, the train delayed till the end of time.

Now, the dog is dead, the body hungry, the mind alone and the spirit tired.

Thank you for the past 6 years. I have been blessed and privileged to have experienced as much as I have with this band and I hope some joy or good came out of it for you and everybody else involved. But as you make a contract with life, you make a contract with death. And without sadness, there will be no more footsteps here.

Tonight, it is time to leave the safety of the second womb. Re-entering the world naked, hungry and free.


Thank you and goodnight Little Red!

He has announced his own departure from the band here, but with phrases like “the dinosaurs are extinct”, “the toast is burnt” and “the fire extinguished” it appears as though the band will wrap it up for good now.

Little Red reached critical attention and acclaim for their live all-singing, all-dancing performances way back in 2008 and their debut album Listen to Little Red was adored by fans nationwide. The band found themselves on every festival line-up under the sun and began to receive worldwide recognition for their work.

It was upon the release of their second record, Midnight Remember, that the band really took off. With smash hit “Rock It” backing them up, Little Red were on the cusp of nationwide domination. They toured America extensively, returning to find their sophomore album had been certified as Gold in Australia.

After Tom’s departure from the band, they changed their Facebook profile and cover photo to this photo which had fans hoping for a second coming.

I think that all hopes of that are dashed now.

Thank you for the memories Little Red, Midnight Forever will always remind me of the 2011 Big Day Out and that summer.



  1. Beconator · · Reply

    😦 this makes me sad.

  2. […] Red had announced through their Facebook page a few weeks ago that Quang, the bassist, had left the group. He hinted there that the band was finished but […]

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