Big Day Out 2013 Rumors+Ticket Info

Every year for the last 20 odd, he has announced the lineup on Australia’s best loved festival in the first week of September.
Last night it became apparent that the lineup for Big Day Out 2013 would be announced next week at 12:01 am Monday with pre-sale at General Pants Co to follow at 8am the next morning.
Obviously this has sent me in a spin, I do love a good rumour particularly surrounding a festival lineup. All we know is that there are “two monster headliners” and “four internationals who haven’t toured Australia before” so  I’ve been frantically putting together my list of candidates to play the festival to the best of my ability, I  think I’ve got some ripper names too.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Let’s start big. I am going to guarantee the headliner of the festival to be the eponymous, Red Hot Chili Peppers. The boys released their 10th record last year, to critical acclaim, and are headlining the massive Lollapalooza over in the U.S later this year. Now earlier this year Big Day Out entered into a partnership with C3, who funnily enough curate Lollapalooza. This means that certain acts will be shared between the two festivals. Now this, on top of the band’s iconic bass player Flea letting slip that the band planned to our early in 2013 make for a pretty convincing headline act if you ask me. Either way, on the off chance that I’m wrong, we’ll see the Chilis out here next year.

Black Sabbath

Let’s get bigger. This is a long shot, no guarantees here, but the fathers of metal also appeared on the Lollapalooza lineup much to the joy of people everywhere. Presuming that, two-fingered guitarist, Tony Iommi is up for the challenge, there is a slim possibility of the band making their way down here for the festival.

Florence and the Machine

Again, playing Lollapalooza. I hear you cry out though “She only just toured you idiot!” and believe me I know. But presume for a moment that they were the precursor dates to her announcing a festival run in January-she only played one show per city. Slim, but possible.

At the Drive-In

They’re only playing one show on their Australian visit in July, at Splendour. Furthermore, they’re popping up at festivals everywhere including Coachella and of course, Lollapalooza. We’ll probably see them at Big Day Out 2013.

Bloc Party

See above. Exactly the same scenario, only they’re releasing their new record ‘Four’ towards the end of the year. Even more likely than At the Drive-In.

The Temper Trap

Aussie indie-giants the Temper Trap have well and truly released their second record and will be looking to do our festival circuit. Also, guess where they’re playing in the U.S.A?

Tame Impala

These guys are playing Parklife later this year but are also prime contenders for Big Day Out 2013 with their new album set to drop later this year. They’re Australian and it feels like it’s been far too long since we’ve seen them. Lollapalooza gets them, maybe we do too?

Franz Ferdinand

These men were rumoured for Parklife to no avail. They’ve got a new record, so Big Day Out was always on the cards. And they’re on Lollapalooza! Winner winner!

The Head and the Heart

Look, this one is mainly based off my love for the band, but they are playing Lollapalooza! So it’s not a complete no no.

The XX

Finally, something I’m not basing off of Lollapalooza. The XX announced their lame two date tour late last month and since then, promised to return in January for a full tour. Perhaps that full tour includes the Big Day Out?

Pearl Jam

They’re meant to be playing the festival circuits at the moment and would certainly be a  ‘monster’ headliner having been one of the most popular bands of the 90s.

The Cure

Hahahaha I know. I’m sorry. But they’re a chance.

The Killers

They’ve got album number 4 on the way, it’s about time for them to come out here. Doubtful though, I’d imagine a full headlining tour as opposed to the festival.

The Hives

I was certain they’d play Falls. I was sure. Alas, they’re not yet announced, maybe playing Big Day Out 2013? It’s time that new album was toured.

Sleigh Bells

They’ve been rumoured to be playing every festival under the sun down here and having not been announced for Falls or Harvest or even Parklife, I guess Big Day Out is on the cards.

The Presets

With their new album and mainstream appeal, I see the Presets headlining the boiler room this year. And who better for the job?

Arcade Fire

Now I know that I keep on rumouring these guys. But AJ couldn’t get them for one reason, maybe it’s because Ken West beat him to it?

Queens of the Stone Age

Not here since Soundwave 2011. Not that long, but it’s time. Their new album is due out shortly too.


He’s gotta come back to the Australian circuit some time. He’s playing a run of dates in November and Big Day Out could be his January splash.

Children Collide

This Australian trio released their latest album with aplomb and it’s their third stellar album in a row. I personally adored their second release and when I listen to the third I’m sure it’ll be one of my favourites for this year. An Australian band with a new album? Big Day Out is calling for them.

Missy Higgins

She released her latest album this year and will be looking to hit up the Australian festival circuit. Big Day Out may have poached one of Australia’s best song writers for their festival.

Ball Park Music

They’ve only played Groovin’ the Moo as far as Australian festivals go, they might be due for another one early next year.


They’re trying hard to get back into the Australian music scene. Big Day Out 2013 could be their chance.

Bleeding Knees Club/DZ Deathrays/Last Dinosaurs/San Cisco/Goldfields/Owl Eyes/Matt Corby/Snakadaktal/360/Worlds End Press

They’re all one and the same really. One of, if not all will play this year’s festival, they’re crying out for an appearance with all of them being relatively new indie bands/artists with albums and EPs out this year.

Big Day Out 2013 Dates And Venues
Friday 18 January – Sydney – Showgrounds
Sunday 20 January – Gold Coast – Parklands
Friday 25 January – Adelaide – Showground
Saturday 26 January – Melbourne – Flemington Racecourse
Monday 28 January – Perth – Claremont Showgrounds

Ticket Information

There will be a presale at General Pants Co. Australia wide at varying local times. Read below to find out more!

Tickets: $165 – No extra fees

General Big Day Out on sale times (Thursday 19th July – All local time)
Sydney – 7.00pm
Gold Coast -8.00pm Gold Coast
Perth – 8.00pm Perth
Melbourne – 9.00pm Melbourne
Adelaide – 9.30pm Adelaide

General Pants Stores Pre-Sale Information: (Monday 16th July)
Pitt Street Mall – 8am
Bondi Junction – 8am
Wollongong – 8am
Parramatta – 9am
Kotara – 9am
Warringah Mall – 9am
Miranda – 9am

Bourke St – 8am
Melbourne Central – 9am
Chadstone – 9am
Chapel St – 8am

Albert St (Brisbane) – 8am
Robina (Gold Coast) – 9am

Rundle St – 8am

Murray St – 8am


  1. Why the “haha” for The Cure? One of the best bands ever and solidly the part foundations for what music is today. Not everyone can be a fan but everyone should respect a band like that.

    1. I think you’ve misread me, the Cure are one of my favourite bands. The “haha” was more in reference to them being rumored for every single festival ever and if you read previous articles I’ve posted you’ll see that.

      The Cure for life man!

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