Falls Music and Arts Festival-A Mammoth Lineup Revealed

Oh my god. Just. Yes.

Whilst all of my predictions were incorrect, I can safely say that I am happy they were as the first bout of Falls acts is massive in every way! Last year we played host to The Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks and Crystal Castles just to name a few acts, and this year we have some even BIGGER names.

First of all, our favorite psychedelic rockers The Flaming Lips are headlining the extravaganza! Now these people, famous for releasing albums in human skulls and arriving on stage through a large vagina, are going to rock our flamin’ heads off on what I presume will be the New Years Eve slot at Falls Lorne.

I’m speechless as to how great it’s gonna be this year. I can’t put it into words.

Joining these big league players are none other than Beach House whose fourth record is one of my albums of the year, Best Coast whose sophomore release received great reviews (and shall be reviewed by yours truly shortly!), Australia’s favorites Boy and Bear, SBTRKT are coming back after a spate of performances Laneway Festival. Sampology is doing an AV spectacular celebrating Falls Festival and hopefully changing it back to a spacy hippie fun time after Coolio transforms it into a Gangster’s Paradise.
But for me, the most exciting name to be added to the list is this one; The Mother Flippin Vaccines are back! I caught these guys opening for Kasabian and they rule! Their new album is set to be a treat too! If you follow me on twitter I believe this is the only act I called this time! Ah I’m too excited for these guys.
Anywho, Falls is already great and you know that, but how does one secure tickets? Well Falls are all about fairness and there is a ballot system for tickets that you must enter and you can do so on the official website. Tickets will go on sale towards the end of the month and should be around 400 for the four day pass and a bit less for each of the other packages.

Get keen folks, I can feel the weather warming up already. Come celebrate in Lorne and then fly to Perth with me so we can do it all again at Southbound!

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  1. Beconator · · Reply

    fairness? pffft. i’ve been trying to get tix for the last 6 years… have never received a token. 😛

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