Your Weekend Playlist ‘Rainy Day Edition’ -29/6/12

Those of you reading from outside Victoria wouldn’t really be aware but Melbourne has had some bloody cold weather in the last couple of weeks. Apparently this thing called Winter has kicked in. Irrespective it’s cold outside and the right playlist can make you feel that much warmer. If it’s raining out, crank this and you’ll be feeling a whole lot better in no time.

Is It Me?-The Kooks

This track from the Kooks belly-warming album Junk of the Heart swells with an ethereal introduction into the classic twangy guitar tone we know the band for. What better way is there to fight the cold?

Perth-Bon Iver

After the frantic final chorus of the previous track, Bon Iver takes things back down a notch with this, the simply beautiful introduction of his sophomore self-titled effort. The martial drums and rolling guitar riff conjure images of warmth.

Very Nervous and Love-J Mascis

This most delicate track from the guitarist of seminal grunge-punk rock band Dinosaur Jr. released, on his solo debut, is one of the finest moments of acoustic work from last year. Taken from Several Shades of Why this track highlights the reasons why the rainy times can be the most pleasant.

Santa Fe-Beirut

Drawing on the sunny times, the guitar tones mixed in with the broad spectrum of brass and reed instruments creates a soundscape that forces you to smile.

Sentimental Guy-Ben Folds

Taken from Folds’ album Songs for the Silverman, Sentimental Guy captures folds at his finest, proving that the piano is the perfect instrument for any situation, if in the hands of a genius.

Down in the Valley-The Head and the Heart

I don’t hide my love for this band and their album. It’s a blissful listening experience beginning to end. Down in the Valley makes an appearance here for similar reasons to previous tracks-it’s so god damn good in the cold.

Tricks of the Trade-Paolo Nutini

The Scot pulls out a wonderful guitar tone on this track which in tandem with use of finger picking and absence other instruments accentuates the dark but comforting feel of the track.

Save Me-Aimee Mann

This little known singer-songwriter has written a bunch of great tracks that could all be in this spot. But none of her songs stand out like this one. Save Me is taken from the soundtrack to the film Magnolia and provides a much needed female voice to the list.

Chase the Sun-Skipping Girl Vinegar

The song opens with a drone that makes you smile and prepare for the ultimate driving song. Not only is it warming and optimistic but it’s delightfully indie nature and amazing film clip will make you get up and dance like no one else.

Call Me Maybe-Carly Rae Jepsen

Boom. I said it. Shocker right? I can’t get over how much I love this song and if anything will make you feel better, it’s this track! It’s just so perfect, and that orchestra hit in the chorus only exemplifies that. I like this song, so sue me!

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