News: Florence Welsh leaks her side project “Side Project”

Few would disagree with me when I say that Florence Welsh is the queen of the indies. Dance indies, dance for your puppet master and her machine. Alternatively, dance for her dance-house side project which she let slip today.

Welsh, best known for her work with her machine; Florence and the Machine,  has allegedly let slip to UK publication DigitalSky, that she was inspired by a remix of one of her tracks, to create some similar music. Namely the Calvin Harris remix of her track Spectrum (Say My Name). The side project, under the moniker of Side Project, hasn’t released any hard material yet.

That is the exact face I see myself pulling when this side project comes to light Flo Flo…

Now I’m not sure if I should be worried or excited here, but Florence confessed to DigitalSky that  “we actually have a dance outfit side project called Side Project. We made this weird house track that sounded quite churchy – to be confirmed! As yet, it has never seen the light of day”.

I’ll reserve judgement until it does see the light of day, but until then we’ll have to settle with the memories of her recent tour of Australia. She is currently heading across the U.S.A with her machine, Side Project may stay on the side lines for some time yet.

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