News: Lady Gaga’s LittleMonsters-What to Expect

Paws up…

So I just posted about Lady Gaga’s social networking site taking off soon, only to find sitting in my inbox, just minutes later, an invitation to join the site. Now I figured I should share with you what it looks like and what to expect from the site.

First of all, I don’t think I even need to mention this but, the site is completely and utterly devoted and dedicated to Lady Gaga and her work. This is to say, that there is not a single thing on here that isn’t Gaga-related. All conversation and posting revolves around her and all items posted must relate to her in some shape or form.

This brings me onto the actual layout and features of the site.

When I first logged on I was taken straight to the ‘Media’ tab, one of five tabs across your hotbar. What I found there resembled tumblr in its layout, the only difference being that it is all of the members ‘tumblrs’ in one. You don’t automatically only see people your friends with. Here people are uploading photos of concerts, fan art and even memes based around Lady Gaga. Anyone can comment on them and rate them up or down, similarly to Google+ and Facebook.

The ‘Discuss’ tab show a bunch of different forum topics created by other LittleMonsters that, suprisingly, revolve around various aspects of Gaga. Again, they aren’t just limited to those friends have made which I suppose reflects the opus of the site-that all of Gaga’s followers should be friendly with each other. Topics range from the mild  “Hello Monsters ❤ <3″ to the intense “Gaga isn’t just the queen of pop, Gaga is the Goddess of pop”. They are also in a bunch of different languages so be prepared to only understand about a quarter of the topics. Interestingly, irrespective of the language, all the topics seem to be, more or less, equally utilised.

Whilst exploring the site, a chat bar, similar to Facebook chat, remains on the side of the screen. Here there are a variety of different chatrooms featuring a whole bunch of ‘LittleMonsters’ discussing the queen.. wait sorry, Goddess of Pop; Lady Gaga. The site automatically translates the text into your language which is nice seeing as a lot of different people are using the same rooms.

The ‘News’ tab features articles and information about various Gaga-related paraphernalia and is laid out in a similar manner to the ‘Media Tab’. Anyone can post there and the most popular posts stay at the top of the page. The ‘Monsters’ tab assists you in finding other ‘LittleMonsters’ to become friends with and allows you to view their profiles and posts, as you would expect.

The final tab is the ‘Events’ tab, which is where all the official Gaga events alongside any fan made events are posted. Links to purchase tickets are easily accessible and information about each event is given.

Lady Gaga’s social network is interesting. Perhaps it’s less of a social networking and more of a shrine to the popstar, with fans maintaining it for her. Either way, it’s likely to explode when general membership opens up. Paws up Gaga fans.


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