News: The XX confirm second Australian tour

You may recall a few weeks back the massive scrum that occurred when people were attempting to get tickets to the two club shows announced by the XX. These July shows were done by ballot and were strictly limited, a lot of people missed out on tickets. Fret not though, my pretties. The XX have confirmed this morning they’ll be returning, through Handsome Touring, to our shores early next year.

The XX will return for a second Australian tour in January!

This tour is supporting the new album set to drop early September, Coexist. The 80’s infused, gothic pop is set to send Australia into another spin as the second album will have had time to settle before their return. The second tour will have more shows, bigger and better venues and thus, more tickets. Here’s a sneak peak from the new album, this track which has yet to be given a title was played in London earlier this year.


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  1. […] tour in July – just two dates. But they’ve come through for us, with Handsome Touring confirming a full length tour for January 2013. Perhaps we’ll see these folks playing Big Day Out 2013? […]

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