Harvest 2012-The Lineup Revealed

After months of speculation and huge rumors (the Cure anyone?) the Harvest  Well it’s all been announced! Here it is ladies and gents!

The Lineup

Sigur Ros
Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane
Grizzly Bear
Ben Folds Five
The Dandy Warhols
The Black Angels
F*** Buttons
The War On Drugs
Dark Dark Dark

Beck and Sigur Ros will headline a very civilised gathering indeed…

Did it live up to expectations? Absolutely!

As predicted Beck and Sigur Ros will be headlining the festival followed by Grizzly Bear and the Dandy Warhols, all of which were confirmed. Surprise additions come in the form of Beirut and Ben Folds Five, the former of the two was out here for the Falls Festival last year and the latter recently reformed and started recording a new album. Santigold and Cake were also heavily rumoured but their confirmation makes for a very exciting festival.

Some other exciting acts come in the form of The Black Angels, a psychedelic rock from Austin, Texas. Chromatics released their fourth record this year. Hailing from Portland this electronic band will bring their unique style here to our shores in November!

Ozomatli could never been predicted for this festival. This revolving cast of 7 to 10 musicians play a bizarre brand of world music that will tantalise your musical tastebuds. Hailing from Brooklyn, Liars will show us their brand of dance-punk at the festival this year.

F*** Buttons’ Aphex Twin style electronica will mesmerize us at Harvest in 2012. They’re due to bring out a new record shortly and having recently opened for the Pixies on their latest tour, the duo are no doubt going to fit in nicely to the Harvest lineup. Indie-rock band The War on Drugs will bring their My Bloody Valentine-esque sound to Harvest this year. The four piece brought out a new record last year to critical acclaim and will not be one to miss. Rounding out the lineup are American folk band Dark Dark Dark who formed in 2006 out of the Minneapolis folk scene. They released their debut album in 2008 and will showcase their latest Wild Go at Harvest!

So that’s it. The lineup certainly lived up to expectation, two massive headliners and supporting bands that will make this year’s Harvest even better than last year!


  1. Excellent, thanks for sharing. Have they indicated how much tickets might be?

    1. Hey man,
      As of yet no word on price, but judging from the lineup I would imagine somewhere in the region of $150. Very reasonable for the acts we’re getting!

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