Harvest 2012: My Predictions

Earlier this morning, promoter of successful festivals Harvest and Soundwave, AJ Maddah revealed through the Harvest Twitter account that Australia’s premier indie festival would announce its line up on Thursday.

There has been a bunch of speculation as to who is going to play the festival and Maddah hasn’t kept his cards held too tightly to his chest, so here’s my breakdown of what could be appearing on the lineup later this week.

Ruled Out

Grimes – Maddah announced via his twitter feed that electro-pop princess Grimes would not take to the stage at Harvest. Rumors started circling when she announced that she was playing a festival in November as well as doing a small tour. We may see her name grace the Parklife lineup instead.

The xx – London based group The xx were hotly tipped to be part of the headlining group this year on the back of their new record Coexist, however after announcing a two date tour earlier this month, it became clear there was no chance of them playing the festival.

Hot Chip – Releasing a new album made them hot contenders for this years festival. Maddah revelaed over twitter that there was buckleys chance of Hot Chip coming out.

Foals – Indie kingpins Foals were always an option for Harvest, just how Radiohead are always rumored for Big Day Out. Maddah dismissed them along with Grimes and Hot Chip.

Arcade Fire – Unfortunately powerhouse Arcade Fire will not be playing the festival in November after Maddah explained on his twitter account that despite his best efforts, the band declined the offer to play the festival.

My Bloody Valentine – Maddah maintains that My Bloody Valentine are too bloody loud to play any inner city festivals. Werribee isn’t really a city, but Brisbane and Sydney are. No Harvest for them.

Pond – Now presuming that the newest rumor mill, Mr Info, is correct; Pond will not be announced tomorrow as playing Harvest. It would make sense, they only toured a couple of months ago.

Confirmed (well more or less)

There are a couple of acts that have been more or less given the green light through announcing touring dates and Maddah not dismissing them. They’re pretty exciting names to boot!

Grizzly Bear – Brooklyn boys Grizzly Bear are on the cusp of releasing new material and announced some dates that mentioned the festival. They’re on their way!

Sigur Ros – Having just announced a world tour, the band confirmed that they will be playing in Australia at some point in November. Harvest is in November, and there is no way Sigur Ros would play Parklife. Harvest it is!

Dandy Warhols – These lads have, like Sigur Ros, confirmed an Australian tour in November. They’ve also toured with Maddah before so I’d say their chances are very good.

Ben Kweller – Earlier this year, Ben announced on stage that there was a festival tour of Australia occuring in November, that he would be playing at. What could that be I wonder?

Some things that would be nice

There are of course the less likely rumors that have been thrown around, stuff that would make everyone excited but doesn’t seem likely. Expect to see maybe three or four of these names on the list.

Silversun Pickups – These guys didn’t play anywhere near enough shows last time they were here, and with the recent twitter account ‘Mr Info’ leaking them as confirmed for Harvest, there is certainly a chance of Silversun making an appearance at the festival.

Sleigh Bells – This band announced they would tour Australia twice on the current album and with no Splendour in the Grass tour announced for them, perhaps we’ll see Sleigh Bells at Harvest

Santigold – Another album coming out, another chance for Santigold to play Harvest?

Franz Ferdinand – Although tipped by Mr Info to be playing Parklife, I still feel Franz Ferdinand will sit happier amongst the Harvest lineup. Either way, Australia will see Franz at one festival or another this year.

Vampire Weekend – Haven’t been out here since Groovin’ the Moo 2010 off the back of Contra. Perhaps we will see Vampire Weekend as they play the other festivals around the world too.

Best Coast – With a new album to promote, front woman Bethany Cosentino has indicated that the band will be here late 2012 to early 2013. Best Coast already played Big Day Out last year, so either Falls or Harvest for these kids!

Beck – This would make me oh so happy. Beck is playing Harvest’s sister festival Electric Picnic and is on the cusp of releasing new material. An appearance from our favorite scientologist would make Harvest very civilised indeed.

Alabama Shakes – Didn’t appear on the Splendour lineup, but did on the Electric Picnic lineup. Harvest could be right for Alabama Shakes.

Regina Spektor – Now Regina wasn’t too happy with Splendour’s sound issues, maybe Harvest could make her and her new album feel better?

Animal Collective – They just came out of  hiding and released a new single. Please let Animal Collective play Harvest

The Cure – I know, I know. Every Splendour time they are rumored, and every time we’re disappointed. But they’re only playing festivals thus far this year, and Harvest is a mighty fine festival! To top if off they’re playing Electric Picnic! Perhaps we can hope for a bit of Robert Smith in our lives.

SBTRKT – Not very likely really seeing how he’s been here twice in the last six months, but he’s playing Summer Sonic in Japan, a festival notable for bringing us some international acts. SBTRKT for Harvest?

Placebo – No real reason other than that they have nothing planned in November as of yet and are playing festivals. Placebo are an option.

Mumford and Sons – They’re touring with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes in October..if it’s late October perhaps Mumford and Sons will stick around for Harvest?

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes – See above. How rad would it be for them both to play? Edward Sharpe are renowned for touring with Mumford and his Sons, so perhaps we’re in luck!

Air – They were tipped for Splendour and having currently only announced a hand full of dates, Harvest might see France’s finest, Air, here in Australia!

Wilco – The latest Mr Info piece of gossip has Wilco being announced tomorrow. Of course, no one knows how much of what this guy is saying is accurate, but he may be on the money.

Cake – Late addition to the rumor mill, but word has been circulating that after an extensive hiatus on touring Australia, that Cake will play the festival touring the new album.

DZ Deathrays – Constantly playing festivals, Australian indie band. What more do you want from DZ?

Emma Louise – Australia’s indie sweetheart Emma Louise is certainly a good chance as a national act! She rocked Big Day Out, why not Harvest?

That’s all I’ve got on the matter, if we see anything similar to this we’ll have a great festival this year! As you can see I’ve neglected to mention which Australian’s will play the festival, but I’m sure we’ll see some mainstays. Honestly, I’m sure it’ll be great irrespective of how correct my predictions are!

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